The simple joy of a morning tea ritual

A morning tea ritual…

Our lives are crazy. We are all balancing work schedules, kids’ activities, snow days (hi, this is me – I’m writing this while my son is home from daycare for a snow day), sickness, never ending to-do lists, trying to make time for family and friends…you get the idea. Finding ways to add ‘self care’ into the mix can be hard when there are so many other things to be done. 

I’m sure you have heard that it is impossible to pour from an empty cup (plus this makes a great tea-pun). A great way to make time for yourself, fill your own cup, and add a sense of calm to your day is by sticking to a morning ritual. Making a cup of tea is a GREAT way to do this, that only takes a few minutes. 

Tea is more than just caffeine in a cup that you guzzle down in hopes of a little more energy. It is a way to slow down time, if only for a few minutes, to really ground yourself in the experience and find a sense of joy. This is also what makes loose leaf tea extra special.

Loose leaf tea isn’t hiding behind a tea bag so when you perform your morning tea brewing ritual, you get to incorporate all your senses. You can hear the water heating up in your kettle. You can see the wonderful color and texture of the leaves as you put them into your infuser. You can smell the leaves and see the infusion starting as soon as you pour water over them. Finally, you can taste the wonderful flavors, and notice the depth and complexity that loose leaf provides (especially if you try a second steep). 

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