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    Delight customers with loose leaf Tea

    For Cafe’s: So much love and attention is put into every coffee beverage made, but often times, tea is an afterthought. Elevate the experience for your tea customers too, by offering loose leaf! We will help you learn all about loose leaf tea (how easy it really is), and help you make the transition. We take the intimidation out of the process through trainings, education, and by providing you with a seasonal tea recipe guide for inspiration. Your customers will LOVE having delicious and unique tea beverages available for them!

    For Shops/Retail: Tea makes the perfect gift for anyone, and is in that “sweet spot” price point, making it so easy for customers to say ‘YES’! We will help you come up with the perfect variety and selection of teas to add to your shop’s offerings.

    Scooping silver needle tea out of glass jar.

    Why Loose leaf Tea?

    There are many benefits to offering loose leaf tea in both a cafe and a retail setting. Customers have fallen in love with loose leaf tea because it enhances the overall tea experience; it feels special and tastes delicious.

    For Cafe’s: Tea customers want just as much love as coffee customers. This means they want something unique, that engages the senses. They can see and taste the difference in quality. Loose leaf tea makes their cafe experience one worth paying for. Additionally, from a brewing perspective, loose leaf tea allows you to serve a flavorful brew, no matter the cup size, by simply adding the correct amount of tea. 

    For Shops/Retail: Loose leaf tea is a staple item for tea lovers, especially as consumers have learned more about the toxins found in tea bags, and the environmental benefits from making the switch. Loose leaf tea paired with an infuser, also makes a perfect gift that anyone can enjoy. We have seen great success with our teas at specialty food shops, gift stores, and community marketplaces. 

    Which teas should I Choose?

    Determining which teas to start with can be a tough decision! We suggest following these guidelines:

    -Pick at least 3 options: one green tea, one black tea, and one herbal (caffeine free) tea

    -Pick at least one ‘unflavored’ tea option, as some customers don’t like teas with natural flavorings added

    -Try to pick a variety of flavor profiles (not all floral, not all fruity)

    Let’s talk logistics

    • Turn Around Time: Most orders are filled within 1-3 business days of ordering. If there is a delay, we will reach out to you directly.
    • Shipping time: Shipping takes approximately 1-3 business days and is shipped USPS.
    • Minimum order quantity for retail sized bags (1oz, 2oz, 4oz) is 20 bags total,  but you can mix and match flavors to get to that total. Minimum order quantity for tea by the pound is $120 total value.
    • Tea has a shelf life of about 2 years. Keep it away from direct sunlight and humidity. Matcha should be consumed within 4 months of opening the bag for best taste.
    • Do not store tea right next to coffee, as it can pick up the flavors.
    • Please reach out directly ( for special orders, special requests, or to order ingredients seen in our other teas that you would like to purchase individually. 

    Want more support?

    We love helping cafes and retail shops get started with our teas! If you want help selecting teas, need brewing education, or want to have more of your questions answered, please reach out: