Tea On The Go

Traveling with Tea

One comment I often get is that loose leaf tea is harder for ‘on the go’. I get comments such as…

“Tea bags are much easier to use at work”

“It is easier to travel with a tea bag than loose leaf”

I thought I would share some of my travel hacks in hopes that it helps you enjoy loose leaf tea, no matter where your travels take you.

Don’t over complicate it: 

    • Headed off to work? Brew a big cup at home right in your travel mug and take it with you. 
    • Check out Amazon for some really cool travel mugs that have built in infusers.
    • Like to enjoy tea at work? I like to put some loose leaf tea in a bag or Tupperware and place it in my purse. In a separate bag/Tupperware I put an infuser, already filled with dry tea leaves (this is the IDEAL time to use a tea ball or an infuser that closes). When at work, just add hot water. When the steeping time is done, remove the infuser and place it back in the container you brought it in (this is also an IDEAL situation to drink and use a tea that does well for multiple infusions such as a white tea or green tea). Either re-use the leaves later for another cup of tea or empty the infuser once it has cooled. 
    • Like to enjoy tea while flying? Use the same steps as above for tea at work. To find hot water, ask any airport cafe for a cup of hot water. They usually give it to you for free, or charge you just for the cup (if you don’t bring your own). 
    • Don’t drink the tea hot, and instead drink it Grandpa Style (don’t remove the leaves) with a travel mug that has a built in infuser. 
    • Drink iced tea, follow our cold brew instructions and brew the tea the night before work or the night before you travel