The Water Project

Kenya Students Collecting Water

As you know, 27Teas donates a percentage of profits to clean water initiatives. This week, I had the opportunity to visit part of the team at The Water Project, located in downtown Concord, NH. I am excited to announce that we have just picked them as the organization that we will be supporting!

When I visited The Water Project, I was able to learn more about the organization and see how they monitor the status of all their water projects. It is very important to me that 27Teas gives to an organization that makes sure water improvements are sustained and maintained, even when something breaks. The Water Project does a fantastic job with this. I was able to see on the monitors in the main hallway, that there were 4 repairs made this week, what was repaired, what project the repair was made on, and how the issue was found/determined. 

Another great part about The Water Project is that they help with sanitation as well. They provide hygiene education and build latrines. This is important because we all need a safe place to go to the bathroom. The latrines help keep bacteria out of drinking water, and hand washing education helps keep everyone healthier. 

27Teas will specifically be donating to the Sikhendu Primary School Project in Western Kenya, where they are going to build a 50,000 liter rainwater catchment tank, latrines, a hand washing station, and provide hygiene training.

To learn more about this project, click here.

To learn more about The Water Project, click here. 

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