Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Tea at Christmas.

We know holiday shopping can get stressful so we made your shopping list for you. Check out our top consumable gift ideas!

  1. Loose leaf tea: It is something that will warm hands and hearts. Loose leaf tea looks, smells, and tastes fabulous, making it a great gift for the senses too. Not sure what type of tea to gift? I suggest always going with a caffeine-free option as many people have an aversion to caffeine. Try Powering Off or a 6 Month Herbal Tea Subscription.

  2. Local chocolate: Is there a better way to someone’s heart? This is a gift that nearly everyone will love and enjoy! We suggest Blackflower Chocolate, artisan chocolate handcrafted in Vermont. The owner trained at The National Gourmet Institute and in London, England. She has been crafting chocolate with 70% dark chocolate from Ecuador since 2003. We recommend the Sea Salt bar. It has just the right amount of salt, unlike many other brands who are a little heavy handed.

  3. Maple Syrup: Warm pancakes, be it buttermilk, chocolate chip, or blueberry, have a special place in our kitchen. Add a side of real maple syrup and breakfast transforms into an experience that builds lasting memories of cozy mornings at home for years to come. I recommend Windswept Maples, located in my hometown of Loudon, NH, they are an 8th generation family owned and operated farm that makes some of the best syrup around, and you can shop online (or you can go visit the farm and watch syrup being made)!

  4. Candles: Candles = cozy. Enough said! Give a candle that is toxin free and will fill the house with amazing smells. We suggest native candle co, who hand pours and labels all of her candles in small batches of 6 or less to ensure the best quality. You really can’t go wrong with any of her scents, but I recommend apple cider donut.

  5. Soap: Soap is something that every person uses at least 5 times a day, so this gift will definitely get used up! We recommend Ariem Body Co. These hand made soaps and body products are made with premium, natural ingredients that are perfect for people with sensitive skin. The soaps have extraordinary fragrances that are just light enough to not be overwhelming. We recommend Spiced Pear. 

  6. Hot Sauce: Add a little spice to someone’s day with a local hot sauce. We recommend Naked Hot Sauce. They source their ingredients from local farms, have a bunch of awesome recipes for ways to use their sauce on their website, and just had a sauce win an award for 2nd place in the World Best Mild/Medium sauce category. Plus, they are all natural and preservative free!

  7. Lotion: Let’s face it, New England winters are not nice to our skin. Give the gift of lotion! We recommend Northwood Naturals. Try the face lotion, Rebellion of Time, if you want to give the gift of youthful, silky facial skin. They offer a wide range of natural and organically derived skin care products that are gluten and soy free. They make everything right here in New Hampshire, and support other local business by sourcing ingredients like Honey, Goat Milk, and herbs from local farms.