Ways to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

French press loose leaf tea

Many people are unfamiliar with or are new to using loose leaf tea and feel intimidated by ditching the tea bag for something different. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! I’ll explain a few simple ways to brew tea using loose leaf tea.

But first, congratulations on choosing to ditch the tea bag! Click here to read about the hidden toxins in tea bags, and why loose leaf is a better option for your health.

Here are the top ways you can brew loose leaf tea…

1) A reusable metal mesh infuser– This is perfect for making one cup of tea. Simply put the loose leaf tea inside the infuser, put the infuser into your mug, and pour hot water (or cold if doing the cold brew method) into your mug. Let steep according to tea instructions, and then remove the infuser when steeping is complete. Don’t toss those wet tea leaves though! Most loose leaf tea can make more than one infusion. When you want a second cup of tea, put your infuser back into your mug and pour more hot water over the leaves and let steep again. Find metal mesh infusers here.

2) A French press. Put tea leaves into the French press, add appropriate amount of hot water and let steep. Push the filter down and then pour out your tea. Once again, you can make several infusions with a French press by adding more water.

3) A fine mesh stainless steel kitchen strainer. This is how I make tea by the gallon. For hot tea, put leaves directly into a mug and pour hot water over the leaves. Let steep. Pour liquid/tea from existing mug, over the strainer, into a new mug. To make iced tea using the cold brew method, place tea into a container of your choice and add cold water directly over the leaves. Put the container into the fridge for at least 8 hours. When complete, pour tea leaves and water over the strainer into a new pitcher/container.

4) Other tea bag options. There are many ‘infuser’ options such as reusable organic cotton muslin fine mesh straining bags and disposable tea bags. Do your research to make sure these alternatives don’t contain any harmful chemicals/toxins.

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