How to Brew Iced Tea

Iced tea with sunflower.

Any tea can be made into an iced tea (although some taste better than others)! Read about the different ways you can make your own iced tea at home all summer long!

Cold Brew Method

Our favorite way to brew iced tea is the cold brew method, however this requires a little planning since it takes hours before the tea is ready. Besides being super simple (you don’t need to heat any water), cold brewing tea ensures that the tea does not get bitter, which is a common problem with green tea if not brewed properly using hot water. 

  1. Simply add the loose leaf tea to your container of choice if making a pitcher of tea, or add the tea to your metal infuser if making just one cup of tea. 
  2. Add the corresponding amount of cold water. We suggest that you add a little more loose leaf tea than you would for a hot brewed cup so that when you add ice later, your tea doesn’t get watered down. For example, if the directions call for 1t tea/8oz water, you might want to increase this to 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of tea for a stronger brew. 
  3. Then put the container with the tea into the fridge overnight or 8-12 hours! 
  4. Once brewed, if you make just a single cup, you can remove your infuser and the tea is ready to drink. If you make a pitcher, you can use a metal mesh colander from your kitchen, and pour the tea into a new container to strain out the tea leaves. 

Hot Brew Method

If you are pressed for time, hot brewing your tea is the way to go.

  1. For single serve quantities, use a metal mesh infuser or a fabric bag infuser. For a larger serving size, use a French press or steep in a large pot and then filter the leaves out using a metal mesh colander from your kitchen.
  2. Follow steeping instructions for temperature and time. Be generous with the tea quantity to make a stronger brew, as ice will water down the tea slightly. Do NOT steep longer for a stronger brew as this can make some tea bitter. 
  3. Chill tea in the fridge or freezer if possible to cool the tea. Otherwise, pour tea over ice and enjoy.