5 Reasons Why You Should Gift Consumables for Administrative Professionals’ Day

Tea and bumper sticker on grey background.

1) Generic items like pens and notebooks say that you only care about their work, not them as an individual. This is a day to show that you respect and value them as a whole. Additionally, these gifts can seem impersonal. Sorry, but getting that notebook customized with their name on it still doesn’t show that you care about their health, family, personal goals/aspirations or their interests outside of work. Consumables offer the opportunity to add a unique personal touch depending on their interests. Not sure what they like? Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world behind water and also promotes health. Herbal tea is a great choice for even the biggest coffee lover as it can be consumed in the evenings before bed.

2) Marie Kondo. The trend of organization is HOT right now. Gifting an item that can’t be consumed will add clutter to their office or their home when so many people are focused on removing that clutter. You don’t want you gift ending up in the trash by Friday.

3) Speaking of trash…. Flowers are beautiful but they tend to die within a week. Administrative professionals day is Wednesday, so these beauties will probably be in the trash by the weekend because no one wants to risk a vase full of flowers and water spilling over in their car on the commute home. Additionally, flowers can be seen as ‘romantic’, so it is probably smart to just avoid flowers all together.

4) Consumable items can be enjoyed over a period of time, making your gift and gratitude last longer than one day. For example, the gift of tea can be consumed over and over again for weeks. Each time a cup of tea is brewed, the recipient remembers the kind gesture from the giver.

5) Consumable items provide a food/mood connection. The trick is making sure it is a positive connection, not one followed by regret (chocolates). Tea is a great choice as it has been associated with mood and performance benefits, such as relaxation and concentration. Sipping a cup of tea provides a moment for the consumer to escape the hectic work day and get re-energized.

Check out our selection of loose leaf teas, gift sets and monthly tea subscriptions to gift your administrative professional this year! Every cup brewed will remind them how much you appreciate their work. Make your life even easier and add a card as well. The gift can be shipped to you, to give in person, or shipped directly to your assistant (perfect for those who work remotely or in other offices).